Slovenia’s Bee Protections

Unlike the worldwide trend of bee population decline, there is one nation that stands out- Slovenia. This is no accident, and bees are incredibly well protected within the country. Where countries like the US and France have seen over 30% losses in winter of 2018, Slovenia has  maintained beneath the acceptable loss of under 20%. Slovenia is an oddity worldwide, and an outlier in terms of these results.

That isn’t to say that Slovenia’s results weren’t without work. The small European country has enacted some of the most bee-friendly policies across the planet to date, and has given local honeybees under conservation status. Unlike the United States, most of the beekeepers in Slovenia aren’t commercial or run by larger companies. In fact, even the nation’s prime minister keeps bees, and one in 200 Slovenian citizens keep them as well. The government offers courses for free on how to start beekeeping, as well as distributing treatments to prevent varroa mites, which I discus…


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