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Creating a Self-Sustaining Garden to Feed your Family – How to Grow Healthy Food on the Cheap!

Here’s an idea!

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Contrary to popular belief – gardening does not have to be an expensive venture!  Especially when using self-sustaining, organic methods that can keep your soil full of life, and your family fed with fresh vegetables the year around.

Healthy soil Organically grown tomatoes ready to ripen on the vine

A truly self-sustaining garden is organic by its very own nature.  After all, it’s hard to consider the act of dumping large amounts of petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers and soil additives into your garden a self-sustaining process.

Not only are all of those aforementioned substances far from renewable – they are expensive – and you will find yourself utilizing increasing amounts each season just to get the same results.  In fact, unlike renewable organic methods that create great soil inexpensively, expensive commercial and synthetic products often leave the soil lifeless.

Broccoli heads beginning to form in the garden Broccoli heads beginning to form in the garden

The great news – you don’t have to worry…

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24 July 2014


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