Securing Covers on Low Tunnels

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 low tunnel-fall greens

Building low tunnels that are about 30 inches tall to protect your crops through weather that is outside of their comfort zone is fairly easy to do using plastic pipe and plastic sheeting. You will find directions for this at Homeplace Earth. The tricky part is securing the covers. I have seen directions to make the cover with enough plastic sheeting on each end to draw it together to tie to a post in the ground. Sometimes the design calls for simply gathering the extra….

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Farm fresh from home

A catalogues of vegetables

Garlic is Chandran Chaliyakath’s big test this year. Their wiry, green stems grow out of a couple of plastic cans on his terrace. Last year, he harvested onions. “I got about 20 kgs,” says Chandran who makes metal grills and shutters for a living and grows vegetables for passion. In the past eight years, ever since Chandran moved into his new house in Cheruvannur built on 10 cents of land, his family began to grow vegetables. From…

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13 October 2014

The Biochar Edition.

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Human Urine As Fertilizer Is The Best Option For Organic Farming

Nice idea!

Best Organic Farming In Bihar- The Miracle Of Organic Farming In Bihar

Wow! That makes me want to work out every time I feel the need to soak my vegetable garden. But wait a minute, you said: “My dog ​​pees wherever she goes brown grass areas, which means that the grass is flourishing with her urine.”best-and top-organic-farming-in-sikkim-bihar-bodhgaya-india-vastu-vihar-biotech-vvbiotech

Correct undiluted urine with a high nitrogen content, and sometimes with a high salt content. High nitrogen actually “burn” the plants it comes in contact with. Dilute it and it’s stronger than any chemical fertilizer. Healthy human urine is rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphate, all of which are essential for healthy plants. If you look at the ingredients on a bag of fertilizer, you will see the word “urea”, which is present in the urine, as you may have guessed.

Vastu Vihar Biotech discovered that rice husk ash and human urine to perform as well as the use of chemical fertilizers are more expensive, while…

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22 September 2014


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Agri-Terrorism? Feds Shut Down Seed Library in Pennsylvania

Wow!!! Resistance is fertile!!!


Paul Joseph Watson
August 4, 2014

War on self-sufficiency intensifies

In yet another example of the federal government’s war on self-sufficiency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture shut down a seed library in Pennsylvania, claiming that a system whereby residents could borrow heirloom seeds and then replace them at harvest time was a violation of the 2004 Seed Act, while a commissioner warned that such behavior could lead to “agri-terrorism.”

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6 August 2014


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