3 December 2014

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5 November 2014

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3 Tips to Transition Into an Organic and Sustainable Lifestyle

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Recently I was putting away groceries after my boyfriend had gone to the store. To my amazement and delight I noticed most items were organic. We’re not radicals and we certainly don’t make a ton of money. What we are is an average middle class couple who have slowly but surely transition into an organic lifestyle. And how could we possibly achieve that without breaking the bank? The following tips will get you well on your way to a healthier, Eco friendly and more fulfilling organic lifestyle.

So, what exactly is an organic lifestyle? In short, an organic lifestyle refers to the use and consumption of products and materials that are free of chemical processes and hormones; raised sustainably and not genetically modified. Food, clothing, skin care, even cleaning supplies can be manufactured in an organic manner that is nurturing to the environment.

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