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Australian organic regulator pushes for GM-tainted crops to retain certification

One of the bodies that regulates Australian organic standards is pushing to allow crops that are accidentally contaminated with genetically modified material to retain their organic certification, in a move that would bring Australia in line with European regulators.

Under current Australian organic standards, products lose organic certification if they contain any level of GM material.

That’s what happened to Western Australian farmer Steve Marsh, who took his neighbour Mark Baxter to the WA supreme court claiming GM pollen from Baxter’s farm caused him to lose organic certification on part of his property. Marsh lost the case and has lodged an appeal.

But regulator Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

via Australian organic regulator pushes for GM-tainted crops to retain certification – Farming UK World news- Farming UK World news.


Mind your food: Do you know where your dinner comes from?

Food justice activist Mwanajuma Extavour speaks with Fatimah Jackson-Best about why it’s important to know the source of your food.

(Image: Photl)
(Image: Photl)

“To know your food is to know yourself. After the Almighty, what is more important to life than food?” Mwanajuma Extavour expresses these sentiments to me as we sit down to…

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Kvale leads successful harvest at U of M Morris

Submitted by Jenna Ray

University of Minnesota Morris editor/writer

University of Minnesota, Morris students gathered more than 654 pounds of produce from the campus vegetable garden this harvest season at the University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center. Led by Garden to Dining Services liaison Peter Kvale of Duluth, the harvest represents another success in Morris’ effort to increase….

Farm fresh from home

A catalogues of vegetables

Garlic is Chandran Chaliyakath’s big test this year. Their wiry, green stems grow out of a couple of plastic cans on his terrace. Last year, he harvested onions. “I got about 20 kgs,” says Chandran who makes metal grills and shutters for a living and grows vegetables for passion. In the past eight years, ever since Chandran moved into his new house in Cheruvannur built on 10 cents of land, his family began to grow vegetables. From…

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It’s not easy being green in world’s most polluted city

NEW DELHI, India — Away from jarring city traffic and dusty New Delhi streets, the Upadhyes’ rooftop garden is a lush, green haven of vegetables and herbs, even after the summer rains have drawn to a close.

The couple, both…

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These Green Roofs Are More Than Just A Garden, They’re Also A Power Plant

Green roofs produce food, cool buildings, and add a dash of color to the skyline. In the future, could they also generate electricity?

That’s the vision of Marjolein Helder and her Dutch startup Plant-e. Helder has developed a modular system that generates power from submerged plant roots. Eventually, it could power whole households, she says.

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10 December 2014


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