Farm fresh from home

A catalogues of vegetables

Garlic is Chandran Chaliyakath’s big test this year. Their wiry, green stems grow out of a couple of plastic cans on his terrace. Last year, he harvested onions. “I got about 20 kgs,” says Chandran who makes metal grills and shutters for a living and grows vegetables for passion. In the past eight years, ever since Chandran moved into his new house in Cheruvannur built on 10 cents of land, his family began to grow vegetables. From…

More here: http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/society/farm-fresh-from-home-in-kozhikode/article6686308.ece


These Green Roofs Are More Than Just A Garden, They’re Also A Power Plant

Green roofs produce food, cool buildings, and add a dash of color to the skyline. In the future, could they also generate electricity?

That’s the vision of Marjolein Helder and her Dutch startup Plant-e. Helder has developed a modular system that generates power from submerged plant roots. Eventually, it could power whole households, she says.

More here: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3039194/these-green-roofs-are-more-than-just-a-garden-theyre-also-a-power-plant

Climbing to green success

The 2014 Urban Food Awards celebrate the capital’s urban spaces used to grow fresh fruit and vegetables

The Castle Climbing Centre Green Lanes Stoke Newington
The Castle Climbing Centre Green Lanes Stoke Newington. Photograph: Jamie Lau

A look at the shortlists reveals some impressive endeavours, including the Crisis Skylight Cafe and urban cheesemaker Wildes Cheese. The awards are part of Urban Food Routes, an initiative supported by the Mayor of London and Seeds of Change. The success of those shortlisted demonstrates the brilliant use that funding and advice from the project can be put to.

Pressed into action

You may expect just adrenaline and chalk dust at the Castle Climbing Centre, set in a Victorian ex-pumping station in Stoke Newington. But it also boasts a hardcore sustainability policy, an organic garden and a cafe that was nominated in the eatery category.

Cafe manager Jojo Heather says: “We are a green space…

More here: http://www.theguardian.com/seeds-of-change/2014/dec/08/climbing-to-green-success

30 October 2014


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2 October 2014


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19 September 2014


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