Awareness programme for orchardists conducted

Jammu, January 11, (Scoop News)-Integrated Nutrient Management and Integrated Pest Management Practices is an integral part of increasing production in fruits and vegetables and in order to sensitize the growers, Chief Consultant, Dr. Om Parkash from Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India visited the Jammu Division and held interactive sessions with progressive orchardists in Jammu, … Continue reading Awareness programme for orchardists conducted

23 June 2014

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24 May 2014

Gardening Kitchen garden essentials. Click here Integrated pest management for gardens. Click here Not all soils are born equal. Click here Spotting mineral deficiency in the garden. Click here Old school tips for the garden. Click here Farming We are the Soil. Click here The dangers associated with factory farming. Click here Bordeaux kids sick … Continue reading 24 May 2014