Sustainability Project Outline

A noble project!

Returning to Our Roots

I’ve made a project outline to try and inspire myself to research as thoroughly as possible (what can I say, I’m a planner). Below is a rough starting point for my research.


  • Project: Design a sustainable living community that is as close to self-sustaining as possible (this includes food, water, buildings, and energy). Focus on making the smallest environmental impact possible, and include a list of tentative but realistic costs for each part of the community (land, building structures, farming equipment, etc.). Also, be sure to include a general timeline for the process of starting up the community (gathering experience, finding land, building structures), as well as a list of necessary/ helpful skills that would aid in creating a sustainable living community.
  • Possible Research Topics: Organic gardening, livestock, climate zones, maximizing crop production (green houses, crop rotation, perennials), garden design, existing sustainable communities, best locations for such a community…

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