Double stab by The Lancet pierces illusions about Farms, Food, Climate

By STEVEN MCFADDEN The esteemed British medical journal The Lancet has released two commission reports emphasizing the pivotal role that farms and food play in deteriorating human and environmental health, as well as in the mounting chaos of climate change. So dire is our current state, the reports argue, that our ongoing survival and welfare as we … Continue reading Double stab by The Lancet pierces illusions about Farms, Food, Climate

27 July 2014

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Sustainability Project Outline

A noble project!

Returning to Our Roots

I’ve made a project outline to try and inspire myself to research as thoroughly as possible (what can I say, I’m a planner). Below is a rough starting point for my research.


  • Project: Design a sustainable living community that is as close to self-sustaining as possible (this includes food, water, buildings, and energy). Focus on making the smallest environmental impact possible, and include a list of tentative but realistic costs for each part of the community (land, building structures, farming equipment, etc.). Also, be sure to include a general timeline for the process of starting up the community (gathering experience, finding land, building structures), as well as a list of necessary/ helpful skills that would aid in creating a sustainable living community.
  • Possible Research Topics: Organic gardening, livestock, climate zones, maximizing crop production (green houses, crop rotation, perennials), garden design, existing sustainable communities, best locations for such a community…

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9 June 2014

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5 June 2014

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