Urban gardening lessons for kids, aided by Times Union Hope Fund

Young people get excited about Hope Fund-supported programs like 15-LOVE


The kids at 15-LOVE like to play ping-pong in the basement game room at the program’s offices on Washington Avenue.

But they’ll gladly yield the table come harvest time in late-summer…

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Urban-gardening-lessons-for-kids-aided-by-Times-5955525.php


Interesting informational video on Monsanto

The view from the dark side…


This video gives a version of Monsanto’s past and current operations. It especially highlights the most controversial chemical products created by Monsanto (think Agent Orange). Really one large question on my mind was ‘Why do we allow so many synthetic chemical compounds to be used so extensively before we are truly certain of their effects?’

I understand the argument given here by Monsanto, and other supporters of conventional (monoculture farming w/use of pesticides) /factory farming operations, that we simply need more food and (even if some people argue the quality of food suffers) this is the only way to achieve that. I just happen to think their reasoning on the way to achieve that, and what the end goal should be (mostly focused only on quantity of a limited number of crops and a limited number of cultivars of crops), are wrong.

The argument being given to us by companies like…

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10 July 2014


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