1 July 2014

Sustainability This is a video I linked to yesterday. I've had time to view it in its entirety since then. It brings together so many strands of my own thoughts and, I suspect, of yours too. It does have a scriptural interpretation running through it. If this offends then just concentrate upon the techniques and … Continue reading 1 July 2014

28 June 2014

Gardening A food garden in town for all the right reasons. Click here Newspaper in the garden. Click here National organic standards threatened by USDA watering down of those standards. Click here Irony! USDA plans organic food garden in its grounds. Click here Farming Homesteading on a budget. Finding land. Click here Farm trys to … Continue reading 28 June 2014

27 June 2014

Gardening If must have a lawn, clover is the key! Click here More on compost. Click here Another angle on container growing. Click here Growing hops at home. Click here Timing is everything in life, vegetable planting is no different! Click here Farming Naval veteran discovers organic farming. Click here Organic systems promote biodiversity. Click … Continue reading 27 June 2014

26 June 2014

Gardening One person's reasons for gardening. Click here Straw bale gardening is now a movement. Click here Bees "Bee friendly" gardens may be harming bees. Click here Australian fruit growers over reliant on feral bees. Click here US retailers look to restrict pesticides to protect bees. Click here Sugar and thyme to fight varroa mite. … Continue reading 26 June 2014

20 June 2014

Gardening Growing from the ground up. Click here Organics: a way of life that's sustainable, self sufficient. Click here Growing tomatoes in a drought pod. Remember, the next drought is always on its way. Click here Drip irrigation for raised beds. Click here Urban Farming A south Denver urban farm. Click here Small scale activists … Continue reading 20 June 2014

17 June 2014

Gardening The magic of gardening. Click here Marigolds with everything. Companion planting super species! Click here One woman's effort to change a yard into a garden. Click here Farming One example for farm to fork philosophy. Click here Andhra, India local government promotes chemical free ¬†farming and the empire strikes back. Click here Astroecologist prepares … Continue reading 17 June 2014