Frugal Nutrition: Grow Your Own Greens in Limited Space With Minimal Care

One of the main complaints raised against healthy eating is how expensive it can be. This is especially valid if you’re buying organic or at local farmers’ markets. A bunch of spinach or kale for $6 that will last maybe one week for one person is a $32 a month habit. Rather than pay $4 at the grocery store or $6 at the farmer’s market, I decided to grow my own baby greens and microgreens since I go through them like crazy. You too can grow your own greens and spend less than $20 and as little as 25 cents for basically endless and nutritious food. All you need is a windowsill, particularly for microgreens.

Why Grow Your Own Greens?

It’s cheaper. For those who enjoy eating well but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, growing food that takes little care and requires minimal investment is a good return on your efforts and money. If you buy the so….


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