Regenerative Agriculture: A farming system fit for the 21st Century

Regenerative agriculture is an agricultural system that puts more back into the environment and society than it takes out. It is a powerful concept which is key to restoring not just our soils, but society, our health and our natural world. It represents a unique opportunity to re-frame the prevailing productivist narrative, predicated on maximising agricultural output, with minimum impacts, which dominates agricultural policy and practice today.

Over the last few years ‘Regenerative agriculture’ has emerged on the lexicon of those working on sustainable agricultural solutions, as a framing and a narrative which could challenge the current ‘productivis’t agricultural paradigm, which has dominated food and farming over the last 80 years. ‘Regenerative agriculture’ was first coined as a term in the 1980s by the Rodale Institute and has rapidly grown in pro…


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