Conventional ag wages losing war on organics – The Western Producer

Conventional ag wages losing war on organics

Posted Jan. 15th, 2015 by Kevin Hursh

Conventional agriculture is fighting back in the public relations battle against the disciples of organic and non-genetically modified agriculture.

Unfortunately, it is likely too little, too late.

Rob Saik, founder of the Agri-Trend Group of Companies, is spearheading an effort to raise $1 million to produce a movie to set the record straight about the safety of GM crops.

Rob Wager, a long-standing faculty member at Vancouver Island University’s biology department, methodically destroyed all the anti-GMO arguments perpetrated on an unsuspecting public during a recent speech at a farm conference in Saskatoon.

Wager implored farmers to become active in the debate. The public, he argued, wants to hear from actual farmers, and farmers have a great deal of credibility.

I admire warriors like Saik and Wager. I hope they can make a difference. I hope grassroots producers mobilize to counteract the nonsense propagated by those who are either scientifically illiterate or hopelessly dogmatic, or both.

Trouble is, anyone who supports genetic modification is accused of being a shill for Monsanto. Wager gets that all the time, even though he claims to have never accepted anything from the company.

via Conventional ag wages losing war on organics – The Western Producer.

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