Eco Visionaries Unite With Sustainability Partnerships to Yield Support, Funding, & Fruitation For Various Projects

January 13, 2015 @ 12:40 pm By

Eco and sustainability visionaries are joining forces in groves with Sustainability Partnerships, a growing eco cooperative comprised of sustainability projects and visionaries; a non-profit, and a Pay It Forward company located in Los Angeles, California. The cooperative is donating 1 Million equity shares to support new partners, and offers a growing list of funding, marketing and technical services at no charge, including private equity incentives through Crowdfunding Cooperative.

Sustainability PartnershipsThe cooperative is considered inspiring because it grows stronger not by asking for support, but rather by supporting value driven eco projects and visionaries. In turn, the individual projects grow by being in community with Cooperative Platform of Sustainability Partnerships. The cooperative is also donating 1 Million shares of its own private equity to assist green projects and visionaries to collaborate with the growing cooperative of sustainability partnerships.

Sustainability projects and visionaries are continuing to join forces to support each other’s projects and to expand the cooperative to bring fruition to one another’s projects. Already, the cooperative platform of sustainability partnerships includes the following departments to assist sustainability projects: funding, crowdfunding, legal, marketing, public relations, engineering, design, land owners, aquaponics, permaculture, rain water catchments, social media, press releases, radio hosts, online store managers, travel and tours businesses, classified marketing, Google+ marketing, email marketing, event coordinator, office staff, grant writers, telecom, technology, celebrities, business consultants, and solar; new departments are added with every new sustainability partner added.

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