Honey – What are the Benefits?

If we need convincing!

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“My son, eat honey, because it is good;

Honey from the comb is sweet to the taste.”

~ Proverbs 24:13

For centuries, people have enjoyed honey.  The first use of honey by man is unknown, as its use predates the earliest known written records.  Fossils of honeycomb have been found going back millions of years, prior to the existence of man on the earth.

The earliest mention of beekeeping was found in a temple near Cairo dating back to around the year 2400 BCE.  Bees were frequently featured in hieroglyphics and were associated with royalty.  The ancient Egyptians used honey as a sweetener, a gift to their gods and as an ingredient in their embalming process.  Honey cakes were baked as a gift to satisfy the gods.

There are several accounts where honey was mentioned in Bible times, showing its frequent use.  The Promised Land that the Israelites were led to was…

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