The Future of Solar Roadways

Solar roads


The future of Solar Roadways is really dependant on if it gets the full approval to be spread across all road systems, firstly in America, but then globally.

Lets pretend that it does get approved though, and we are looking at how Solar Roadways will evolve as its own technology…

As it uses different technologies within each solar road, whenever any of these technologies are upgraded, Solar Roadways would be able to look into upgrading the roads as well. Solar panels are on the rise, as global warming and eco-friendly is gaining popularity, which means that businesses are always looking to improve solar panels and how the can better collect and convert the suns energy. Also, LED lighting is constantly changing and advancing itself (coming from someone who works with lighting, I see so many updates its ridiculous!!) But these advancements will mean that the roadways will continuously be able…

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