So What does all this Permaculture Mean?

Nice summary!


Permaculture is for everyone. Permaculture is for everyone.

When I first learned about permaculture three or four years ago. I poured through book after book. All great ones; Gia’s Garden, Designer’s Manual, and One Straw Revolution. More I learned the less I felt I knew about permaculture. I was all overwhelming. Swales, hugelkulture, cob ovens, and herb spirals there was just to much. Ethics, zones, or sectors what? I would hear all about these techniques, but didn’t know what to do with them. Then I started to listen to The Survival Podcast, and Jack started to put everything into perspective. I learned that all these were just tools in the tool belt. Just brushes for the over all design of the land. I would watch these videos on Youtube of all these properties that had all this growth and abundance, and thought how could I ever get that. Many failed to mention that it…

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