red wigglers in the snow

Snowy worms


It started with finding a stack of good-as-new, free low-E windows by the roadside late last winter. I turned one of them into a cold frame and sunk it into the soil at the end of my vegetable garden.

No, it started before that. When I bought a pound of red wiggler worms and set up an indoor worm bin.

Confused yet? Me too. High fives.

I’ve been raising worms in a bin indoors for a couple of years. They’re awesome. They eat my garbage. They give me good stuff. And they don’t smell or make noises, unlike grandkids.

The prize is worm castings; even cooler than compost. Every week last summer I put a handful of worm castings and 2 tablespoons of molasses into a 3 gallon bucket, aerated with an old aquarium pump, and let it brew overnight (Google ‘worm tea’). That 3 gallons of worm juice was…

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