12 October 2014


Compost, the original and best recycling. Click here

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, plant garlic now. Click here


The future of food. Click here


250 acres, 130 years, one family’s farm, from Ireland. Click here

Fighting back against the Gates chemical model. Click here

Going green is the future for farmers, from Thailand. Click here

More young people starting farms. Click here

Cover crops build sustainability. Click here

A corporate greenwash? From Canada. Click here

3 thoughts on “12 October 2014

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I finished planting my garden today and I knew I was forgetting something. Headed out to get the cloves in the ground before the storm gets here tonight in North Texas.

  2. I’ve been organic gardening for years and off and on composting. The biggest barrier to composting was (1) turning the pile, (2) time to process the materials. I have retired the compost bin for a compost tumbler. I use it primarily for yard waste. But my true composting love is Bokashi composting. Done in 4 weeks start to finish, super easy, doesn’t require a lot of space and composts all of my kitchen waste, including protein/dairy. Check out my blog on Thursdays for more Bokashi composting updates. ksdisque.wordpress.com

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