Permaculture basics: Using what you have

living on a green thumb

So, how do you get started with something like homesteading? Especially if your funds are limited it can be hard to figure out. I decided to start with the materials I had at hand. This is one of the basic tenants of permaculture.

What is permaculture?
There are a number of ways to define this complex concept, but essentially permaculture is a small-scale, intensive system of ecological design that uses the materials, characteristics, and processes already present on a site. More simply, planting what wants to be planted on a site.

For example, my yard is very shady. I also wanted to work with plant materials I already had around. In my case I had a few packets of seeds that were given to me for Easter (lettuce, spinach, cucumber, peas, and bush beans) and some kitchen scraps (sprouting garlic cloves, potatoes, and sunchokes). I also planted a few mint…

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